Pennsylvania Banned License Plates

Pennsylvania Banned License Plates

People living in the state of Pennsylvania love personalized license plates. When you drive in the state, you can see a lot of vanity plates on the cars. Sometimes they request a plate that contains characters that are not allowed to be used. And the request can be banned.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reviews personalized license plates. And the plate’s request must meet all their requirements. Before applying for the licenses in the state, make sure you are aware of all the requirements. Of course, the requirements will be different for other licenses such as Pennsylvania Marriage License or Pennsylvania Driver’s License. But you have to know all the details before obtaining the licenses.

The personalized license plate can be on the following types of vehicles.

  • Firstly, the type of vehicle is Autos.
  • Secondly, it is Vans.
  • Thirdly, the type is Motorcycles.
  • And lastly, it is Pickups.

Common causes for the Banned License Plates in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation oversees your requests, and then you can get your license plate. But the DOT can reject your request if it does not meet the needed requirements. So, here the requirements are:

  • You can get a rejection if the plate has a reference to excretory functions.
  • The DOT will refuse you if your plate expresses obscene, vulgarity, lascivious, or lewd.
  • Your plate will be banned if it contains racial, lifestyle, gender, ethnic, or religious epithet.
  • The plate cannot contain words that can hurt others’ feelings.
  • You will get a rejection by the DOT if your plate expresses something defamatory or calumniatory.
  • If it has some reference to a gang or a gang terminology, the DOT will ban the request.
  • The personalized plate’s meaning cannot instigate threatening illegal action.
  • If the plate contains a sexual connotation, it will be banned.
  • Your personalized license plate must not mislead to law compulsion.
  • If the plate is related to lawless drugs or alcohol insult, the DOT will give a rejection.

So, when your request is rejected, a staff member of the DOT in Pennsylvania will send you a letter by mail with an explanation of the rejection.

Examples of Banned License Plates in Pennsylvania

Here are some banned license plates you can look at.

  • BAD-4ASS
  • B1TEME

During reviewing the license plates, the staff members use many resources like:

  1. A translation site from foreign languages
  2. Acronym Dictionary
  3. Euphemism/Slang Dictionary
  4. Reverse reading or upside-down of the requested configuration

The required characters on the personalized license plate

Above all, your personalized license plate must have 7 characters. It can be Numbers (0 to 9) and Letters (A to Z). You can use either one space or one hyphen.

Note that you can have a maximum of 5 characters on the vanity plate for motorcycles.

The Custom Plate Fee

After that, you need to pay $20.00 for your personalized license plate. And additionally, you need to pay the regular renewal fees.

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