Pennsylvania License Plate Lookup

Pennsylvania License Plate Lookup

As a matter of fact, every Pennsylvania resident must register his/her automobile. Those who prefer to buy a used car can do a Pennsylvania license plate lookup. In case you are not aware of how to do a lookup, here is what you should know. First things first, this service helps you receive complete information about the machine.

As you already know buying a used vehicle is not simple. In some cases, you might wish to receive detailed data about the car to avoid breakdowns. Vanity plate search helps to check the car’s previous:

  • Ownership
  • Odometer reading
  • Enrollment history
  • Sale transaction
  • Car cushion system
  • Accident history

It is possible to order an auto background check with the help of the DMV. Yet, note that it requires separate fees for each section of the information while ordering a VIN check online provides the whole information together.

How can I apply for a PA license plate?

The application process starts with the registration of the vehicle. Non-residents have 30 days to establish residency. Afterward, they can register their automobiles in the state.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation offers two kinds of reports. If you want to obtain the first one you need to submit the DL-503 application form on PennDOT’s official page. This report has three variants and you have to choose one of them. You may have a report of 3 years, 10 years, or the full cover.

In fact, insurance companies, agents, courts, and attorneys are eligible to receive such info. You can check the charges listed in the forms which you may download online.

And what about the second one, it gives you the following data:

  • Address and name of the current owner
  • VIN
  • Title
  • Model
  • Age

To apply, you need to fill up a DL-135. They will maintain more info if you specify it in the letter. But what data do they ask to process your request? A sole tag digit is not enough in this case. Be ready to Include VIN or title too. This is important for citizens’ privacy protection.

Types of Vanity-Plates

Pennsylvania law offers seven main versions. There are:

  • Standard issue: This type includes regular serial numbers. To obtain this one, the applicant needs to pay a $39 charge. The total fee includes the first-time issuance cost for a special registry. In addition, you may also pay $6 processing for the Department of Corrections. The design of the common type consists of a mixture of blue, white, and yellow. There are blue symbols visible on the white part.
  • Personalized issue: PA residents are free to personalize their standard number-plates. But prior to applying, it is necessary to check the availability of those registration vanity-plates online. The fee may differ according to the kind of enrollment.
    For application, you must submit an MV-904 form indicating some details about you and the machine. You are NOT allowed to request a personalized plate in case you possess:
  1. A passenger vehicle
  2. A motorcycle
  3. A trailer
  • Special fund: These plates support various charity institutions. Usually, they have a unique design and background. Fees vary from $38 to $57 according to the version. Payment must be done together with the enrollment charge. Special fund number-plates have the following versions:
  1. Honoring Our Veterans \ Veteran’s Motorcycle
  2. Penn Zoological Council Fund
  3. Wild Resource Conservation Fund
  4. Pennsylvania Monuments
  5. Preserve Our Heritage
  6. Penn Share the Road

For personalization, you ought to pay an additional amount.

  • Military: Yet, this is the one that has a full list of types. The Department gives veterans and military officers an opportunity to entitle this class. Discharge papers and MID are the confirmation for eligibility. In this case, again, prices vary. Each variant has its own application form and special fee.

Other types

  • Vintage: The owners of historical machines are permitted to apply for a vintage license plate. These automobiles may obtain this one:
  1. A vintage manufactured during 1906-76
  2. An antique (produced at least 25 years ago, that looks close to its factory appearance despite restoration or maintenance)
  3. A classic (produced at least 15 years ago, the original design of which ought to be preserved)

In general, custom tags possibly contain a maximum of 7 characters. These digits have to be separated by a dash or space. You should never use them together in one configuration. Avoid using swearing, vulgar, and abusive language. Look for the list of prohibited conjectures if necessary to make sure that you choose none of them. Also, complete the MV-11 form to display the vintage registration plate.

  • Special organizations: The state official Department of Transportation offers organizational tags through sponsor institutions. Those organizations are mainly interest groups such as PA Choose Life, colleges, universities, service organizations, veterans’ and youth associations, professional groups, etc.

Note that ONLY members of those organizations have a right to these tags. Occasionally, additional charges pass to the supporter companies.

  • Disability: In this matter, you need proper paperwork to prove your disability. If the applicant is a permanently disabled person, he has the possibility to obtain that. PA issues free placards in pursuance of the level of incapacity. The recognition of disability is accepted statewide. That means if you have it once, it works everywhere. As a matter of fact, you ought to display it from the rear-view mirror. Therefore you have the right to park anywhere else for no more than an hour.

You need to maintain medical certification from your doctor. It shows which permits you to qualify. Veterans need to submit the MV-145A application form. Later, that must be notarized. Finally, make sure it is certified by a physician, police, or VA.

PennDOT may reject your application for a vanity plate for one or more reasons, read more about banned Pennsylvania license plates.

Renewal, Replacement, and Transfer

Like in many states, in PA too, you will get a registration renewal notice before the expiration date. Usually, in the notice, there is the amount of payment, registry renewal deadline, and personal identification number (PIN).

Generally, the applicant is able to renew vanity-plates in person, online, or by mail. If applying in person, present proof of car insurance, necessary identification, and the renewal notice. It is also possible to bring a present enrollment certificate or numberplate instead.

Online renewal is much easier. Again, verify car insurance. You might even need the Social Security Number. Accordingly, pay the fee with a credit/debit card. In another event, that is renewal by mail, provide only proof of vehicle insurance. Do not forget to submit the payment check, as well.

In case your number plate has been stolen, (or you lost it, or maybe damaged) you must do a replacement. That is why you ought to fill in the required request blank. Consequently, make a payment of $11. For your information, you should also display the proof of possession.

When you purchase your automobile from a dealer, he/she is responsible to manage all the paperwork. Technically, this means title transfer and registration. Before this process keep it in your mind that it is obligatory to have PA insurance. In private sales, both the buyer and the seller have to appear in person. They both take responsibility for the whole process. In any matter, take your driver’s license too.

If you are the seller, then:

  • Report mileage of automobile on the back of the title.
  • Print and sign the report in front of the agent.
  • Supply lienholder information (if financing the machine).

Above all, you have to surrender invalid and no longer usable tags with the help of mail.

Online Services

In addition, you can perform a vehicle transaction online. For this service, you should visit the official website of PennDOT, go to Online Services, and click on the “Vehicle Services” button. Therefore, you’ll see the login field. Step by step, after reading the instructions you need the first eight numbers of the title number and vanity-plate digits without any dash or space. Then, you are to attach a valid debit or credit card for future payments.

The state law requires vehicle safety inspections. The aim is to ensure that automobiles are preserved for safe operation. This service will prevent breakdowns on the main roads and several accidents which may result in serious injuries.

The safety inspection is carried out at official Inspection Stations. In addition, you will find the inspection fees at those inspection stations. They mainly do not contain repairs to mark car defects.

For more details, please call 717-412-5300, or visit the website of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Customer Call Center Hours: Monday-Friday – 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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