Pennsylvania Tattoo License

Pennsylvania Tattoo License

You may easily start your business without obtaining a Pennsylvania tattoo license. It allows anyone who wants to start his career in this sphere.

How to get a license to tattoo?

To become a tattooist, you do not need any certification. Moreover, to start your own business in this sphere, it is not necessary to follow any regulations. Unlike other states such as Oregon, Pennsylvania does not require a license.


Here, there are some strict rules of this craft, which are recommended to get acquainted with. The first law refers to permanent makeup. The Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology bans certified cosmetologists from performing permanent cosmetic procedures in the body art salons. The reason is that the board does not issue a tattoo license.

The second regulation concerns the age limit of clients. According to legislation, no one is eligible to perform a tattoo on a minor under the age of 18. A teen is allowed to use this service only with the written agreement of his/her parents or legal guardian. Otherwise, it is considered an infraction. Additionally, a person providing this service may be punished with a maximum $100 fine, three months in prison, or both.

In this state, it is not easy to gain written consent. PA holds protection to prevent fraud. That is, your minor can write it for himself or have someone else write it for him. And in the end, he will present that false document as if his parent allowed it.

As a rule, the notary must notarize the agreement form. Indeed, it serves as proof that the legal guardians are filling out the paper. Be careful, it is necessary to mention in the contract what you agree with. For instance, you should specify the place where you let him get it. Besides, you need to note what kind of artwork you consent to. If you will not be present, contact the center in advance and arrange everything in detail.

Education and certification

In PA, it is not mandatory to attend particular courses or pass exams. Even more, you do not need to prove that you are a master to provide this art. Yet if you want to become an expert, training is an excellent method to start your career. You may take it online.

Relevant education helps you be ready for an apprenticeship. Seek internship opportunities by contacting studios. An apprenticeship is a great way to gain experience. It makes it easier for you to take clients on your own.

Each salon holds its own guide and program. The most thorough training programs include the following topics:

  • Ethics
  • OSHA standards
  • Skin anatomy

After completing it, you can apply for an artist position.

Lastly, you can find suitable courses at private establishments. Tuition fees vary depending on the institution and the program.

Rules in other cities

Despite the general legislation of the state, each county has its own laws. Some of them require blood-borne pathogens and cardiopulmonary resuscitation qualifications. Meanwhile, you have to obtain a monthly inspection of your salon. Therefore, rules can differ from city to city. You have to decide in which city you want to work.

As an illustration, Philadelphia requires you to be certified. It costs $40. In case of loss, the replacement costs $65. But before it, you should attach the written statement to the application explaining why you require it.

Apart from that, you should:

  • Complete a body art application and then submit it.
  • Present a letter for a student, signed by both the trainer and the applicant. Mentioning that a certified instructor accepts a student as an apprentice is mandatory.
  • Also, submit official paperwork proving that you have been in this job full-time for at least three years.
  • It is also necessary to provide a copy of your blood-borne pathogen accreditation.

The following documents are needed to receive a certificate for seven days or less:


Since the license is not accepted here, consequently, there is no issue with the transfer. In addition, you may work independently. But if you hold authorization from another area, it is an advantage for you.

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