Pennsylvania Auction License

Pennsylvania Auction License

A Pennsylvania Auction License is a document for individuals or auction houses selling or buying items. That is to say, it is a trading process between sellers and buyers.

Note that it is mandatory to have authorization to practice in the sphere. To receive it, you should be aware of several points and requests.


You should submit an online form through the Pennsylvania Licensing System (PALS). In addition, a complete form of application with required documents and payment proof should be provided to take the test.

You can learn more about the forms by visiting the Pennsylvania Department of State website.


Here, in the same way, as for a Georgia auction license, you must pass an exam. The administrator of the test is the Board. In addition, the professional testing organizations will schedule a field-related assessment.

These tests are organized several times a year. Moreover, if you fail the exam twice, you should contact the organizers. In other words, you should ask for approval to retake the test. After failing the quiz, you should wait 24 hours. Afterward, you will be able to register for a new examination.


To get the certificate, all applicants must:

  • Have no less than two years of experience and
  • Have participated in 30 auctions

The candidates shall present information for each type of the 30 merchandise. They should mention the name of the distributor, the date, and the location.

Continuing education

There are no requirements regarding continuing education.

Degree requirements

Having a degree is not a requirement as well. On the other hand, the most common period of field-related studies is 20 credit hours of instruction. The studies should be organized in schools approved by the organizers. A credit hour of instruction is considered 15 hours of education. Each is a 50-minute class.

Auctioneer bond

The Pennsylvania State Board of Auctioneer Examiners calls for a $5,000 surety bond. The latter guarantees that the receivers will follow the government regulations. The fee for all participants is $100.

The process of transferring

According to Act 41, it is possible to transfer professional authorization from other provinces as well. To do so, the province, administration, or territory should have a good reputation and should operate well. Also, the applicants should present a properly approved copy of the license provided by their current regions.


The license application costs $50. Furthermore, the exam fee is $200. It is non-refundable.

The renewal fee is $130. Furthermore, you can have more information on the state’s code website.


Renewals should be completed through the PALS website once every two years. They are available more or less 60 days before the expiration date. The applicants are notified about the date via email.

The Apprentice Auctioneer license renewal costs $260. In case of missed deadlines, you should contact the Board office and ask for a reactivation form.

The process of verification

To receive information about the verification, the candidates should search the State’s website. The online license verification service provides necessary information. You can also check the status on the same page.

For more details, contact the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs.

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